This work is an attempt to explore the notion of "proximity". By taking a print from among the hugging people I wanted to focus on the hugging gesture as a very intimate situation between two people who know each other well and are close to each other. The mold is cast of hard porcelain, however it is not empty and cold. It is filled with hot water, gradually giving away heat. This brings us closer to the situation in which it was created and to the specificity of the human body.


Life's structure is a fragile form

„Life’s structure is a fragile form” is a porcelain product created on a potter’s wheel. Its’ respective elements intertwine creating an organic structure, connoting a tissue (blood vessels or bones) or forest’s canopy.

Porcelain wheeled on a potter’s wheel is a very yielding and unstable material. This quality was used in the work. I let the individual porcelain elements to take their shapes on their own (to topple or to lean on the other ones). This way I managed to advert the dependencies connecting respective elements located in the structure, as well as the processes’ phenomenon in terms of a cause and effect course of ensuing changes.



Last centuries’ porcelain cups were wrapped in tarpaulin – a fabric associated with marketplaces and bags taken for seasonal work abroad. The shape of the cup was brought out with precision thanks to a firm, contrasting edging with threads in fluorescent colours.



Four cylindrical forms. Their shape and recurring incisions were inspired by the architecture of the gallery-blocks: multi-occupied buildings often seen in Wrocław.



A modern and geometric answer fot the classic form of amphora. The base, as well as the intersection of the neck were simplified to a quadrangle. The ear-shaped handles, characteristic for the amphora, were turned to a geometric knot, a tangle of angles and lines.

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photo by_Krzysztof Orłowski